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Kitchen Renovations - Effingham, Surrey

'Stablehouse Construction are extremely professional, skilled builders who we would highly recommend.

On our project of removing two supporting walls between the kitchen and dining room everything went very smoothly. It was a complex job, but Stablehouse have such a wealth of knowledge and experience they made it look easy!!

Our worst fears before the job started was the dust. However the first job on starting the project was to build a temporary partition which worked brilliantly and I can honestly say to our amazement we had very little dust! Dougie is a great time keeper and virtually works non-stop through-out the day and always tidied everything up before leaving.

On this job we also needed a plumber, electrician and a plasterer and I have to say the three people that Stablehouse use are as skilled and knowledgeable in their own area as Dougie and Pete. All in all they make a great team. We are very satisfied with a fantastic job and will look forward to having them work again for us on any further projects we do.'



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